buea cameroon
The 2nd transnational meeting and capacity building course of the AGRO project was organized in Buea, Cameroon during the first week of February.

During this week, youth workers from Italy, Greece, Ghana and Cameroon have met and discussed issues related with agricultural production, management of agricultural enterprises and cooperation between Europe and Africa on issues related with agriculture. During the course, the e-learning platform of the project was presented as well as the website of the project. Field visits were organized in the local market and in a palm tree plantation. Participants had the chance also to learn about the life and the society in Cameroon and the challenges of the country related with agricultural production.
Photo Gallery from the AGRO meeting in Cameroon
AGRO in Buea, Cameroon
Action Synergy is the Greek partner of the AGRO project which is co-financed by Erasmus+ programme “Capacity Building for Youth” and coordinated by, the Italian organization, SVIMED.
* For more information on AGRO click here.

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