business training department
Action Synergy operates in the development of business opportunities for enterprises, aiming to enhance their competitive activity.
Development of business plans
A business plan helps the company:
– diagnose the current situation of the company and determine the broad lines of action.
– create a business tool that helps the company to a profitable growth path.
–  helps the company to finance its investment plans from banks and other financing institutions.
An integrated business plan includes:
– Τhe project plan
– Analysis and diagnosis of the present situation of the company
– Diagnosis of the internal and the external environment of the company
– SWOT analysis
– Development of the company’s strategic plan
Business Development
 – Development of the commercial division of a company.
– Development of an enterprise production department.
– Development of the financial management of a company.
– Development of the company’s quality system.
Greek businesses integration in European projects
Supporting Greek businesses to integrate successfully in European programmes to help finance their business plans both in Greece and in other European Union countries is an area of Action’s activity.
Action helps businesses:
– design a suitable side program.
– find the appropriate partners since the program requires networking.
– prepare the proposal affiliation and technical bulletins.
– do the project management of the project until the completion of the financing.
Creation of new forms of businesses for the development of entrepreneurship in times of recession
Action participated in the development of two partnerships within the program ΤΟPSA:
– The Partnership for the development of employability of Achaia.
– The sustainable developmental partnership of Evros.
Through these partnerships, 25 business plans for new forms of businesses were created.
During the 30 years of activity, Action Synergy has:
– provided consulting services to 2,230 businesses.
– developed 1,500 business plans.
– participated in 120 European programs.
– helped more than 1,200 organizations to participate in European projects.
– created European Networks with 560 European Businesses.
– established a software in 87 organizations.
– reorganized 97 Businesses.
– developed ISO systems in 312 organisations.
– provided tech-booking services in 58 organizations.