european training department
The European & Training Department of Action Synergy is called “UETP Action Link”.
It was originally established in 1987 as a UETP (University Enterprise Training Partnership) with the support of the European Initiative COMETT.
The European & Training Department of Action Synergy is responsible for:
– Management of projects co-funded by European programmes.
– Development of funding applications to be submitted in the framework of European programmes.
– Implementation of education and training activities developed in the framework of the above programmes.
– Organisation of training activities for all the levels of education.
– Organisation of e-learning courses in a variety of fields.
– Promotion of innovation in the education and training in Greece.
The main areas of activity of the Education & Training Department of Action Synergy are the following:
– Development of regional and European Networks.
– Development of Online Learning Programs.
– Strengthen the cooperation between universities and enterprises.
– Organisation of research and studies.
– Development of new professional profiles.
– Development of innovative methodologies and technologies for learning.
– Organisation of online training for trainers and teachers.
– Development of educational programs for vulnerable target groups.
Action Synergy is specialized in the delivery of e-learning courses but it also organized face to face workshops for a variety of topics. In the last years, it has coordinated and participated as a partner in a great number of European projects.
It is managing and implementing projects for school education, adult education, vocational education and training, higher education and youth.
The main thematics in the framework of which these projects and training programs are implemented are the following: Language Learning, Social Inclusion, Agricultural Development, Entrepreneurship and Business, Environmental Protection, University Enterprise Cooperation, Tourism, Bullying and Gang Crime, Use of ICT in School Education and VET, Cooperation with libraries and Trainers’ Competencies.