Characteristics of an educational tool

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An eLearning platform should give a teacher all the elements to transform a course in a class to a modern and highly pedagogical e-course. Let’s introduce you to our tools to see if they meet your educational criteria:
The platform gives you the opportunity to present your educational content in any format you prefer. This means that you can add text, photos, videos, presentations and anything else that can be embedded (i.e. flash files, adobe captivate, facebook or twitter posts etc.).
The contest is organised in a tree structure. Just like a book. A course is the whole book. Inside the book there are chapters and subchapters. The contents are availabe to the student all the time.
A student of a course in our platform can be assigned by a teacher both open-ended and closed-ended questions. The open-ended answers can involve text, photo, video or a voice recording. The close-ended questions can be multiple choice, fill-in the gaps or matching.
A class is a community where interaction is essential. The same applies to an eLearning class. The platform provides to its community (teachers and students) a number of communication tools: forum, text messages, voice messages, skype calls and announcements.
In order for the platform to give the student a complete educational experience, it also features: LMS (a system that tracks a student’s presence in the platform), resources and files (where the tutor and the students can upload extra material), technical support and much more.