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What are we up to lately?

The key role of Action Synergy to the support of apprenticeships

The vocational education systems of Europe are moving steadily from a school-based system towards a work-based learning system which is considered more efficient and more able to equip the youth with job-relevant skills. Apprenticeships have a major role to play...

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Action Synergy in a few sentences…

"Within a friendly and highly trained environment, we promote innovation in education & training in Greece, Europe and the world. Our joint and equal effort and cooperation is our strength."

Mrs. Anastasia Balaska (Director of Education & Training)

"We started 30 years ago, aiming to offer consulatancy and knowledge-based applications. Our success will not be judged by us, but by the numerous organisations we cooperated with. One thing, though, is for sure: Action is always ahead of the curve."

Mr. George Diamantis (Managing Director)


Three events highlighted the schedule of Action Synergy recently. The first one is linked to the project YDL, the second one to PLAYEUROPE and the third one to EIRENE. Have a look!

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