C.L.I.M.B is a project that focuses on the methodological and technological aspects of the new way of conceiving elearning, considering it a necessary component of a blended approach that integrates training managed autonomously, with collective sessions for comparison and application to work reality.

The project’s focus is custom e-learning that goes beyond the classic formula of e-learning as containers of pre-packaged courses or off-the-shelf, relying on ad hoc developments of training products based on the specific requirements of companies and participants, creating courses tailored to the beneficiary. The concept of adaptive or tailored learning is rooted in the fact that one size does not fit all and that learning experiences are strongly related to the business context if not to individual participants. Key to custom elearning is the concept of student-centred, or the idea that training is recipient-centered, with the goal of transforming him or her from mere user to creator of the learning journey.

The project objectives are the following:

  • Identify learning solutions consistent with the development needs of companies and employees in the framework of the changing priorities of the labor market, economy and society
  • Identify innovative and flexible methodological solutions responsive to the skills needs of the labor market
  • Identify effective custom e-learning technology solutions with sustainable production cost.
  • Identify models to make the learning experience more effective and engaging.

The project C.L.I.M.B. is implemented in the framework of Erasmus+ Small Scale partnerships for Vocational Education and Training and is managed by the Italian National Agency. It is coordinated by the Italian Organisation Soluzioni d’ Impresa and as partner, together with Action Synergy, participates the Danish organisation Consufé 

More information about the project can be found at the project’s website