If you are a young person and you are interested to develop your soft skills, then you can try out our new Toolkit that was developed in the framework of the Understanding My Journey project.
The Toolkit is mainly intended for young people who are already involved in some kind of activity or project, such as study, youth volunteering projects, work experience or employability training. By trying out techniques, you can increase your level of the skills and gain in self-confidence.
The Toolkit includes practical guidance for developing 8 different soft skills together with overall advice on how to use each soft skill section. The 8 soft skills are as follows: Positive Attitude, Communication, Adaptability, Time & Energy Management, Work Ethic, Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking, Teamwork, Leadership. it is available in 6 languages (English, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Polish and Portuguese).
You can download it here http://www.understandingmyjourney.eu/understanding-my-journey-toolkit.html