The multiplier event of the LAMOS EU project was organized by Action Synergy under the title “Work in Europe” on Thursday 18th of October at the premises of Improvibe with the attendance of 45 people mainly young jobseekers interested in transnational work mobility as well as stakeholders active in the sector.

The project LAMOS EU (European Labor Mobility Support) is an innovative project which has developed tools and materials aiming to facilitate both the preparation for work related mobility and the adaptation in a foreign working environment. The event included presentations of the project results as well as other European initiatives focusing on the facilitation of work related mobility in Europe.
Welcome and Introduction
At the beginning, Kostas Diamantis- Balaskas from Action Synergy on behalf of the hosting organization has welcomed the participants in the event and has presented the event’s agenda.



LAMOS EU Project Presentation
Afterwards, Giorgos Giorgakis on behalf of the project’s coordinator Eurosuccess Consulting has presented the aims, objectives and results of the project. Click here in order to read his presentation.



Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
After that, it was Mr. Manos Andreadis from Asset Technologies that presented the European Initiative “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” which facilitates European mobility for established entrepreneurs or for people that would like to become entrepreneurs. You can view his presentation here


Personal Experience of an awarded Young Entrepreneur
Following this presentation, Mr. Michalis Kokkinos from Moptil Ltd has presented his personal experience from his participation in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. Michalis Kokkinos was awarded by the European Commission as a best practice example of a person that has benefited from such mobility schemes. You can find his presentation here.



The programs “Your First EURES Job” and REACTIVATE
Following the presentation of Mr. Kokkinos, Mr. Giorgos Tsatsas from DIAN has presented two European initiatives that DIAN is implementing in Greece and aim to support younger and older workers to find a job in Europe: “Your First EURES Job” and REACTIVATE. If you want to read the presentation, please click here.



The results of the LAMOS EU project
Then, after a short break, it was the time to present the main results and outputs of the LAMOS EU project.
ICT Tool
The first result that was presented was the ICT Tool for assessment of capability and readiness for transnational labour mobility. The tool and its functionalities was presented by Mrs. Chara Triteou from Eurosuccess Consulting. You can read Chara’s presentation here.



Model of working with people interested in transnational labour mobility
Afterwards, it was presented the model for working with people interested in transnational labour mobility. The model is addressed mainly to career counselors and focuses on many important aspects of transnational labour mobility. The model was presented by Mr. Wiesław Talik from OIC Poland Foundation. Click here in order to read the presentation.



Training Modules for MOBILITY and ADAPT
After that, it was presented the training material developed by the project. Mr. Hans- Joachim Borchert from ABU has presented a general overview of the training modules which were developed both for the preparation before the transfer to a foreign country (MOBILITY) and for the adaptation in a new working environment (ADAPT). You can read here his presentation.



The training modules for Optimism and Emotional Stability
Following the general overview of Mr. Hans- Joachim Borchert, Mrs. Kyriaki Charitou, psychologist has presented the training modules related with optimism and emotional stability that were developed by Action Synergy. Click here if you want to read her presentation.


Practical Workshop
The final session of the event was dedicated to a practical workshop with the participants based on a training module. The session was facilitated by Mr. Andreas Frielingsdorf from ABU. During this session, the participants had the chance to interact and participate as learners in the workshop.


Learn More
To learn more about the project and follow all feature updates, visit LAMOS EU’s website. To become part of our educational community, follow our facebook page.