My participation in the first meeting of the project CulTY in Castellammare di Stabia is an experience that I treasure dearly.
Being a tourism manager, I had the opportunity to broaden my perceptions and knowledge on alternative cultural tourism. On one had my participation in the project was the trigger to study in greater depth the alternative cultural tourism sector of my region (Meteora) and come in touch with the local professionals who are involved in it. On the other hand, attending the presentation of the other speakers gave me a wider scope on the subject. How alternative cultural tourism is perceived in other countries and what is its impact in those other communities.

Additionally, through the activities of the project I had the opportunity to participate in some very interesting workshops and in some engaging archaeological visits. Approaching the history of Castellammare di Stabia through the music and art workshops made me understand better the local culture and offered me a deep cultural involvement. Meanwhile visiting the sightseeing with our guide Mr. Gardelli was a fine example of how avoiding the tourist traps can be a fulfilling tourist activity.
antonis2In a personal level the CulTY project was a heart-warming experience. Us the participants, we got to know us better, to learn each other’s background and civilization and to build personal relationships. The international character of the project and the distance that separate our home countries (India, Vietnam, Italy and Greece) adds up to the uniqueness and value of the project.
Lastly, being a volunteer for Action Synergy, it was very important for me how professional and giving they were from their part. I felt that Kostas and Alexandros did their utmost regarding the materialisation of the project in general and the managing of our team.
Antonis Antoniadis for Action Synergy (July 2016)

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