SCOPE: Designing e-learning online courses, build e-learning materials, run online courses and administrate an e-learning online classroom.


  • Staff at all types of education and training organizations
  • Directors/ headmasters
  • Teachers/ trainers
  • ICT teachers
  • Learning material developers
  • Human resources dpt staff


Upon completion of the training course, the participant is expected to:

  1. Be able to design an e-Learning online Course.
  2. Be able to create educational learning materials.
  3. Incorporate these learning materials into an e-learning platform.
  4. Use applications so that to make the e-Learning course interesting and attractive.
  5. Run an e-learning online course and administrate the participants/users (registrations, questions, etc).
  6. Link the course to social media to help the learner as well as to promote the course.
  7. Identify the different technological tools and learning environments and understand their characteristics
  8. Be able to design and implement learning programmes and learning material using ICT
  9. Understand European policies for the use of ICT in education and critically review them



Examples and case studies

Workshops and exercises facilitated by the trainer


Web based educational environments and software

How to build an e-learning online course.

How to run an e-learning online course.

How to Admin an e-learning online course.


The learning material consists of presentations and support material. The learning material will be available on-line in English language.



Dominikos Diamandis Balascas. European projects consultant, IT expert, e-Marketing expert.  Specific expertise in the field of ICT implementation at different educational settings, IT systems and e-learning.


Tuition fee: 350 euro per person

The cost includes the learning material and the certificates: Certificate of completion, Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Mobility.

Cultural activities: 80 euro per person .

The cost includes a) a walking tour of Athens and welcome dinner, b) a guided tour of Athens, visit to Archaeological sites and c) common dinner with live music in Athens. The cost of local transportation and the entrance fees to sites and museums are not included.

The cost can be funded by Erasmus+ programme KA1 mobility of staff.


Maria Panagiotopoulos, tel: +30 2106822606, e-mail:


Day 1

Introduction to the training course, syllabus, methodology, learning outcomes

ICT and learning theories

Blended learning models

Blended learning case studies

Day 2

The role of teacher in blended learning

The impact of blended learning on learning programmes design

Challenges and opportunities

Day 3

Web based educational environments and software

Learning management systems

E-learning tool Kit platform

Creating learning programmes

Creating learning content, overview of different software

Day 4

Collaborative and social learning technologies

Open educational content.

Game-based learning

Simulations and augmented reality

Day 5

Educational ICT policies

International and European policies

Reflexion – evaluation of the training course

Certificates – Europass Mobility




Location               Dates

Athens 4-8/6/2018

Athens 16-20/7/2018

Athens 3-7/9/2018

Athens 15-19/10/2018

Athens  5-9/11/2018