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LAMOS EU is a transnational project which aims to support transnational labor mobility and adaptability of employees / workers / individuals in foreign / international environment. Action Synergy is participating in the LAMOS EU project as an expert.
The main outcomes of the project are going to be the following:
1) Regional Research Analysis Report developed to identify and analyse the national needs in the field of transnational labour mobility and adaptability of employees / workers / individuals in foreign environment, to assist the development of project outputs and that suitable levels of stakeholder & user engagement are achieved throughout the project (including during end-user validation) in the partner countries;
2) Model of working with people interested in transnational labour mobility / support scheme before the mobility and assistance in adaptation in foreign workplace – from the stage of intention to the adaptation in a foreign country;
3) ICT Tool for assessment of capability and readiness for transnational labour mobility – the ICT tool to measure and diagnose the individual readiness for transnational labour mobility, providing with accurate information about the areas needed to be developed and improved; the ICT tool will be used by trainers and counsellors in their daily work;
4) Programme Toolkit – MOBILITY aiming at preparation of individuals (employees and unemployed) for transnational labour mobility & – ADAPT – Training programme and materials, Guide for employers focused on how to adapt an foreign employee in new environment, how to conduct coaching, mentoring towards a new employee from another country / to enhance the adaptation of individuals/employees in foreign environment – workplace, country, culture, etc.
The partnership consists of 5 organizations from 5 EU countries (Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Poland and Spain). The project is financed by the Cyprus National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme (KA2 Strategic Partnerships). It is coordinated by Eurosuccess Consulting from Cyprus.
All outputs will be available in English, Greek, Polish, German and Spanish.