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#PlayEurope project aims to contribute to build a new generation of active citizens. The project’s main objective is to disseminate good practices and results of past projects – either financed under EU programmes and by private funds – in order to raise awareness among young people about current social issues through the use of an alternative approach, namely, the Edutainment approach that combines together education and entertainment, in order to be more attractive for the target group (young people 14-19 years). The consortium will exchange good practices and results and disseminate them through a strong communication campaign to be addressed not only towards young people living in partners countries, but also towards the higher number as possible of young people living in Europe.
The results that the partners expect to produce are: increase of motivation and self-confidence of young people in learning more about politics and citizenship, that are issues considered often as boring and unintelligible; promotion of the importance of learning different aspects of active citizenship. Once young people are in contact with the new edutainment approach, they could create network among them, exchange their experiences and suggest initiatives in the field of active citizenship; furthermore all these learning activities will help young people to improve their personal and social skills.
All the collected material will be strongly disseminated through the project website, social media, newsletter and press release.