AESOP is a capacity building for youth project which aims to develop the capacities of youth workers to utilize story-telling techniques and local community assets related with oral tradition in order to promote local development.
The project, included in the framework of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage recognizes intangible cultural heritage (and especially oral tradition) as a very significant potential source of development which is usually underused and underestimated. In this framework, the project will focus on issues as storytelling, entrepreneurship, theatre techniques, social entrepreneurship, community based tourism, cultural management, marketing of cultural heritage related projects etc.
The project is going to organise three capacity building seminars, addressed to youth workers, a guide for youth workers, research for the identification of the relevant cultural heritage assets and a platform where each young person that will participate in the activities will publish its activities.
The project will be implemented by 5 partner organisations from 4 countries and 3 continents (Greece, Spain, Brazil, Vietnam) which represent theatre and cultural organisations and organisations active in the field of youth bringing in this way together the two groups.
All activities are based on a variety of non-formal educational methodologies, including seminars, study visits, debates, as well as a certification course on community reporting.
Local performances are going also to be organized in each country in cooperation with a story-telling activity which is going to be organized at the end of the project in Brazil. The project is going to develop a number of open educational resources for the youth workers.
At the end of the project, it is expected that youth workers and young people are going to develop significantly their skills in relation with the use of intangible cultural heritage as a source of local development and social inclusion for marginalized people.
The project is coordinated by Aeroploio – Topos Allou theatre from Greece.