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The third transnational meeting of InTeMIS took place in Reykjavík, Iceland and was hosted by Keilir. The project aims to introduce ICT based Flipped Learning in VET Schools and Centers. An innovative and student-centred pedagogical approach, to increase the quality of teaching and learning, to help reduce early school leaving, to decrease the number of under-skilled teenagers, and ultimately to support modernization of education.
During the meeting, the partners were introduced on the premises of Keilir and to their educational methodologies.
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The agenda during the meeting focused on an update of the activities each partner carried during the last months. It also reviewed the results of the training that took place in Spain hosted by Inercia Digital. Moreover, Action Synergy presented the InTeMIS e-learning platform and the partners discussed on the proposed guidelines that will be uploaded there. Finally, with the training in Greece hosted by Action Synergy in May, the partners discussed the educational program that will be delivered in May.
InTeMIS team
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If you want to learn more about InTeMIS you can visit the project’s page in our site, the official website of our project or request to become a member on our facebook group. We are closing this post with some photos we took during our stay in beautiful Iceland.
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InTeMIS in Iceland