Following the results of the last evaluation period, Action Synergy is glad to announce that it will have the chance to participate in 10 new projects as a partner or as coordinator. The projects are related with different fields of education and training and will give the opportunity to Action Synergy to work with a variety of target groups and organisations coming all over Europe and beyond.
They are related with the promotion of apprenticeships, the promotion of transnational labour mobility, the promotion of social integration through the use of sports, the inclusion of youth migrants and refugees, the use of theatrical techniques in school, the use of the “flipped classroom” methodology, the prevention of bullying, the use of new methodologies in special needs education and the promotion of the re-use of recyclable objects as a method of local development.
More analytically, these projects are the following:
EAPPREN: This is an Erasmus+ KA3 project, coordinated by Action Synergy, aiming to strengthen the role of intermediary organizations (such as chambers of commerce, federation of enterprises, associations etc), mainly in Eastern Europe, in the organization of apprenticeships that will give the chance to students to work for a period in SMEs.
ATHLISI: This is a project approved in the framework of the Erasmus+ Sport action which aims to train coaches and members of sport clubs on how to promote social integration through the use of sports. It is coordinated by Irodoros, the legal person of the Municipality of Megara for social solidarity and sports.
CLEAR: This project aims to promote the use of theatrical techniques for the delivery of the school curriculum in primary education. It will develop a relevant methodology, it will train the teachers and then it will monitor the practical implementation of the method in the schools. It is a KA2 project approved from the Greek Erasmus+ National Agency and coordinated by the Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies.
From Peer to Peer: This is a project aiming at the collection and dissemination of good practices related with the prevention of bullying at schools. It will organise e-learning courses for the training of teachers on best practices that exist all over Europe. It is a KA2 project coordinated by the Municipality of Ibi in Spain and approved from the Spanish National Agnecy.
ABA: This project aims to promote, though the training of teachers and related professionals, the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in schools for working with children with autism but also with children with mental retardation and with social, emotional and behavioral disorder. It is a KA2 project approved from the Lithuanian National Agency and coordinated by the school for children with special education needs Siauliu r. Kursenu lopselis-darzelis “Eglute”.
yMind: This project is a KA3 Social Integration project which aims at supporting the social inclusion of youth migrants and minorities through the promotion of the use of two best practice methodologies: (i) modular training course for teachers / educators based on a whole-school intervention on bullying prevention (ii) the popular opinion leader (POL) model for gender equality peer-to-peer work and community outreach. The project is coordinated by the German research organization SPI.
Start Upcycling: This project is a Capacity Building for Youth project which aims at the promotion of the re-use of recyclable objects as a means of youth-promoted sustainable development. It is a project coordinated by the German organization Starkmacher and which involves partners from Germany, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Brazil and India.
LAMOS EU: This is an Erasmus+ KA2 project, approved in Cyprus and coordinated by Eurosuccess Consulting which aims to increase the transnational employability by shaping and developing the system supporting the transnational labour mobility and adaptability of employees / workers / individuals in foreign / international environment with the active participation of companies, stakeholders and training providers.
INTEMIS: This is a project which aims at the promotion of the use of the “flipped” classroom methodology in European schools. It will include training of teachers and practical implementation. It is approved by the Italian National Agency and coordinated by the “Leonardo da Vinci” VET school in Sicily.
Safer Places- Hopeful Refugees: The project is aiming to develop the capacities of organisations dealing with migrant issues through the sharing and exchange of best practices across Europe. It was approved by the Turkish National Agency and is coordinated by the region of Çanakkale.