EFIVOS- Empowering disadvantaged young people to take media in their own hands

An enthusiastic group of professionals (journalists, media specialists, teachers, social workers etc) from 6 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Germany) are following in this period, in the framework of the EFIVOS project, an intensive online course aiming to empower them to coordinate the creation of an e-newspaper by disadvantaged young people.


UMJ case study – Filena

Filena was one of the people who took part in the multiplier event Action Synergy hosted on the 23rd of September. This multiplier event concerned the project Undestanding my Journey. The aim of that project was to develop tools to support young people and youth workers in the process of conscious and structured soft skills development.


Become an expert in the field of Cultural Tourism

Participate in CULTVET’s Joint Qualification Course: Application Deadline: 10th October

In the framework of the European project Erasmus+ “Joint Qualification in the field of Cultural Tourism (CULTVET)”, we are looking for participants in a specialised transnational joint qualification course on the theme of cultural tourism.

The main of the course is to develop the skills of professionals in the field of cultural tourism and empower them to plan, promote, implement and evaluate events based on cultural tourism. The course is addressed to:

  • Students
  • professionals working in the field of hospitality and tourism, cultural tourism, culture, history and archaeology
  • tour guides
  • anyone interested in exercising entrepreneurial activity in the cultural tourism sector

The students should have at least an intermediate knowledge of English. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the course is going to be organised entirely online. Application are open to people from every European country but the positions are strictly limited (50).


Online Seminar: The Montessori Method and Creative Learning for the promotion of social inclusion in elementary school

Application Deadline: 4th of April

In the framework of the European project Erasmus+ SEDIN (Creative Methods for Successful Inclusion in  Multicultural Schools) we invite you to participate in an online seminar which aims to develop your skills and competencies in relation with the use of elements of the Montessori Method and the Creative Learning method in order to promote social inclusion in the classroom. The seminar is addressed to elementary school teachers and teachers that are working with children from different nationalities. Positions are limited and a strict order of priority will be observed.


INLESSON – 1st transnational joint training in Geel, Belgium

12 teachers of the beauty sector (hairdressers and beauticians) from Belgium, Lithuania, and Portugal have started their journey to the world of blended learning. Teachers accepted a challenge to participate in 4-day training activities in Belgium in order to learn how to organize blended learning and use the right IT tools for the development of digital content. Michalis from Action was the trainer for the methodology part of the training.