Andrea Czentovic Fontana (EUGEN)

My internship experience in Action Synergy was absolutely amazing. I want to tell you more about it. These three months have been rich of pleasant surprises. When I attended my master degree in EU project management I was expecting to work soon with Erasmus+ combining my recent professional path with my great passion for education and social issues. I really didn’t expect to do it in Greece thanks to an other Erasmus+ project.


Aimilia Tikoudi (T-BRIDGES – Ghana)

Embarking on the plane to Ghana, all we could assume for the long-expected trip was a week packed in images of women balancing large baskets of goods on the top of their head, cute babies with African braids tied on their shoulders with colorful fabric strips, vendors on a beautiful chaos that proves Gaudi an amateur when it comes to architecture and world-class marketers just schoolboys with much to learn from “informal trade methods”. And all those between speeches, workshops, exciting sessions and a bunch of photos through our pinkish glasses.