LAMOS EU training in Athens

lamos trainining
The pilot training of LAMOS EU took place in our offices in Marousi. These seminars aimed to help people who were interested in moving abroad for work, or people who had recently moved abroad for work. In groups, we did exercises with the goal of increasing optimism, emotional stability, self-efficacy and resilience. These skills are vital for people who face circumstances that change easily. Young people from Greece, Spain, UK, Lithuania etc. participated, and gave us positive feedback regarding our training and its development.

Safer Places Hopeful Refugees meeting in Athens

banner sphr athens
The final meeting of Safer Places Hopeful Refugees took place in Athens. Partners from Turkey, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia and Italy joined the host organization Action Synergy at their premises. The aim of the final meeting was mainly to reflect on the results of the project after two years and four training weeks in four different countries.

Final conference of INTEMIS in Salerno

salerno intemis
The final conference of the project INTEMIS took place in Salerno, Italy. The project aimed to introduce ICT based flipped learning in VET schools and centers. It is an innovative and student-centered pedagogical approach, to increase the quality of teaching and learning, to help reduce early school leaving, to decrease the number of under-skilled teenagers, and ultimately to support modernization of education and training systems.