Filena was one of the people who took part in the multiplier event Action Synergy hosted on the 23rd of September. This multiplier event concerned the project Undestanding my Journey. The aim of that project was to develop tools to support young people and youth workers in the process of conscious and structured soft skills development.

This event had 12 participants and Action Synergy managed to organize it while also respecting safety protocols due to Covid-19.

Filena, a 21 year old student at the department of digital systems at the University of Piraeus as well as a graduate from the Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos, took part in the multiplier event and then went on to discover further the toolkit and the app that UMJ offers.

“Being a student of digital systems, it was easy for me to use the UMJ app because of my familiarity with technology. The app was easy to use and the structure was really helpful in terms of navigation”.

From the available soft skills that UMJ app offered, Filena focused on problem solving & analytical skills as well as time & energy management.

“I believe that the development of soft skills is crucial for our professional development as well as for our personal development. I worked with the UMJ app in two areas. Analytical skills is something that bonds well with a digital systems career. Time & energy management is also very important due to the times we are living. Everything moves fast thus we must learn to control what we can control”.

As far as what concerns the approach that Filena took, she says that “Action’s team suggested me to go with a blended learning approach. I tried to do that. I used the printed toolkit together with the app. The app helped me see the procedure as a personal development “game” and the toolkit helped me as a resource of knowledge”.

We asked Filena to also provide as with feedback on what could be the next step of UMJ. She told us that “I believe that the online version of the app should become ever more interactive. If the user is even more engaged, then it is possible to spend even more time developing soft skills”.

A final thought she gave us was that “imagination is key. The “mountains” concept captures the journey that an individual needs to do in order to reach the top of his potential. The UMJ concept is very imaginative and this is crucial”. We also believe that. And we believe that this is only the beginning of this journey.

To learn more about UMJ visit the website. To join the UMJ community click here. And finally, the UMJ app waits you here in order to start climbing the soft skill mountains!