Last week, the results and final outcomes of the SEDIN project that Action Synergy is coordinating, were presented in the final conference of the project which was organised in the auditorium of the Archeological museum of Mytilene, Lesvos.
The conference was attended by elementary school and nursery school teachers as well as by students of the University of Aegean and members of NGOs working in the island of Lesvos. The conference was organised by ELORIS SA
At the beginning of the conference, the Centre for Higher Education in Theatre Studies has presented the Creative Learning method and the Waterpark Montessori International the Montessori method as they were both adapted in the framework of the SEDIN  project. Then, teachers from the Lesvos island as well as from all the other European countries have presented and discussed with the participants their experience from the implementation of the methods in their classroom.
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