This week we were in London for another EDACATE meeting. European Dialogue for Active Citizenship EDACATE is a project that follows a cross-sectoral approach interpreted in order to collect, review and publish new and innovative approaches in the training on Active citizenship.
Action Synergy in this meeting presented two best practices. The one was about the project YOUNG DIGITAL LEADERS, a project in which our organization is a partner. YDL is a Europe-wide pilot project, sponsored by Google, that aims to empower young people through digital citizenship, critical thinking and media literacy skills, beyond the classroom, so that they can grow up safe, responsible digital leaders.
The second one was about SHEDIA. The only Greek street paper and also member of the International Member of Street Papers – INSP, which has 122 street papers in 41 countries, with 14.000 homeless, unemployed sellers and 6.000.000 readers, internationally. We were very happy to have the opportunity to present such a significant initiative.
Our partners in EDACATE also presented interesting best cases that further developed our knowledge on possible actions that help the cause of the creation of European Active Citizens.
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