From the 25th to the 29th of June 2019, we were in Lima, Peru for the LANGUP meeting. LANGUP is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Youth project which aims to promote the knowledge of local and minority languages and link them with the increase of the employability of the young people. The focus of the project is on the role of youth work to raise the awareness of these opportunities, to support the young people to valorise them and to support intergenerational learning which is a key factor in this process.

During our meeting, we discussed and worked on all aspects concerning the project and we met with local stakeholders. One of the main goals of the meeting was to present the new e-learning platform created by Action Synergy and to review the content added which was created with the contribution of all partners. Except from the platform, we worked on the strategy of promotion and sustainability, the finalization of the project’s outputs, the promotional video and the next steps now that the project approaches its end.
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Moreover, our amazing partners and hosts Ashanti Perú offered cultural visits around the city. One of the most valuable moments to our trip was the visit to the Museo Nacional Afroperuano.
Also, we had the honor to present the Cretan language and culture, while our partners did the same for their countries, to the young leaders of Peru who were graduating at a beautiful ceremony at the Hemiciclo Raúl Porras Barrenechea in the Palacio Legislativo del Perú, the building which hosts the Congress of the Republic of Peru.
We also presented the video created for the promotion of the Cretan language
And during the meeting we created the introduction video for the LANGUP e-course
For more information about LANGUP, visit the website or join the LANGUP facebook community.