The past weekend, 6 & 7 of April 2019, Action Synergy organised at Impact Hub in Athens two seminars within the framework of Young Digital Leaders with the participation of many teachers. This project is a Europe-wide programme, developed by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) and funded by, that aims to empower young people through digital citizenship, critical thinking and media literacy skills that reach beyond the classroom, so that they can be truly empowered as responsible digital leaders.

During those two days Action Synergy and Mrs. Viki Georganta delivered workshops that presented the Young Digital Leaders curriculum. This curriculum consists of five sessions targeted at students aged 12-15 years old: Critical Consumers, Resilient Citizens, Effective Communicators, Rights Experts and Digital Leaders.
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Across these five sessions, the aim is for the students to develop their knowledge of key concepts, the skills they need to identify online harms, the effective behaviours needed to interact respectfully, and the attitudes to play a positive role in the online community.
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