playeurope myrtillo
On 2nd of April, we held at Cafe Myrtillo in Athens our #PlayEurope workshop on social entepreneurship and youth with the participation of 15 people. In the framework of this workshop, we had the chance to talk about the realities of social entepreneurship in Greece and present the manual of success stories from all over Europe and the step by step guide “Become a Social Entrepreneur in 8 steps”.
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In this project we aim to invite young students and unemployed to be active citizens, working at the same time on the development of soft / hard skills and on digital integration in learning and youth work, by providing them useful online guide to set up social business.
We also want to show young people how to concretely apply the competencies acquired with #PlayEurope project in everyday life and for the common good, thanks to the Manual of Success Stories on Social Entrepreneurship, that will explore real cases of successful businesses.
Finally, we promote the adoption of alternative methods in schools, training institutions and NGOs that work closely with young people, inviting teachers and youth leaders to use #PlayEurope informal learning approach to promote civic participation among their students.
To learn more about the project, visit the #PlayEurope website.