When I heard about the program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs I thought it could be a great opportunity to develop my skills in a real work environment. A great chance to see how I can adjust to a company already in motion and obtain very valuable knowledge that will help to my future company.

My business plan was approved and I began the research for a suitable company that could fill my learning needs. Greece was always my first option as a country. Greek people are known for their struggling and sacrificing spirit, characteristics that fit perfect in this hard adventure that is the entrepreneur’s world.
I studied several companies, but one of them quickly catch my attention, Action Synergy, a company with more than 30 years of experience. I could see how they have develop a very high number of European projects and how they were currently involved in several projects right now. Also in the company they are experienced in the development of e-learning courses, a field I have a particular interest.
I wrote an email to express my interest in doing my internship in Action Synergy. And from this moment until this day they have facilitated me every step I needed to make possible this experience.
From the very first day of my arrival they were looking to get me involved in all the kind of activities taking place in Action Synergy at the moment. I had the privilege to attend several European meeting projects. It was different projects but in different steps each one of them, in this way I was able to realise the global concept of the development of a successful project.
Also, I have been trained in the elaboration of the proposals of those projects. It’s a long way since you receive the European legislation about a call for proposals until you find all the partners that are going to integrate the consortium of companies that are going to develop the proposal. This would be very hard to learn by myself, but being involved in the process it was an amazing and productive experience for me.
Rafa Castro Almahano for Action Synergy (January 2017)

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