metikos 2 methodology
The methodology related with the informal language learning for low-skilled and migrants developed in the framework of the METIKOS 2 project has been published and is available:


The project expands solutions and moves into a new language area and to a wider group of customers developed in the Metikos project: the methodology of learning the language of the host country for the immigrants, in a form of a language cafe, cyber cafe and tandem®. A new language area in this project is the language of the labor market, and an the additional target group, in addition to immigrants, are the citizens with low qualifications, including those 50+. As for the immigrants themselves, the group that will be clarified to those immigrants who are already functioning in the host community for some time.
The solutions we propose can be used simultaneously by both groups of recipients, if subject and type of activity supports it, or separately, especially in the case of aspects related to the acquisition of language skills. Innovative solutions in informal learning, Poland and Slovakia, but also in Greece, lies in the fact that such solutions for these target groups aimed at learning this kind of language has not yet been used. In the case of Polish and Slovak we are talking about all groups of recipients, and in the case of Greece the innovation is to adapt the methodology to new audiences – indigenous people.

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